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New and World Report website: We leave this matter in the able hands of our leaders, including you Mr. They saw America as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions; greater than all the differences of birth or wealth or faction.

I am and have been for over four years doing my part. The stock market, which had cratered to around six thousand points in the Dow Jones industrial average after the banking crisis occurred, has stabilized in the mid-eight thousands. Amid this period of crises, it is but no wonder that the world would try to renew their hopes with the new US President-Elect Barrack Obama, who himself is a proponent of Change.

And, definitely, the journey of the new world order under the able leadership of Sen.

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Images of past crises have been powerful enough to rouse the people into meaningful action — the spectre of Nazi and Soviet invasion in American soil threatening our way of life was enough to convince much of American men to enlist in the fight against fascism in World War II and in the Korean and Vietnam wars during the Cold War era.

During that time, the elder Obama completed his undergraduate degree in economics in Hawaii, graduating in June The historic milestones were used to buttress the point that his own economic agenda shall be a milestone in itself, given the chance and support of Congress and the American people.

Esteem It deals with self and social recognition.

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He attended Punahou School — a private college preparatory school — with the aid of a scholarship from fifth grade until he graduated from high school in He also says that amid the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the nation was able to establish the Interstate Highway System, send Neil Armstrong and company to the moon, and facilitate a growth in science and technology.

From the turmoil of the Industrial Revolution came a system of public high schools that prepared our citizens for a new age. But institutional care for these children, for life, costs ten times more.

The global downturn of economy, series of terrorist attacks across the globe, the doom-engulfed future of the younger generation, or the escalating tension among nations like India and Pakistan after the ghastly terrorist attack at premier Indian hotels are just the few to mention.

My husband frequently criticizes me for my idealistic ways and dogged efforts to change the world into a better place. His wife and stepson followed sixteen months later in Existence E — It involves physiological and safety needs.

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We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. In this excerpt, President Obama makes several historical references to different socio-economic milestones in American society that were achieved despite political and economic difficulties.

I believe that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life. Free Essay: Barack Obama Barack Obama has impacted America in many ways since he was elected the 44th president on November 4th, The first African.

Barack Hussein Obama is recently President-elect in the United States.

President Obama Essay

Born in August 4th, in Honolulu, Hawaii to Sir. Barack Obama Snr () who was born in Nyang’oma Kogelo in Siaya district, Nyanza province in Kenya. Barack Obama – Essay Sample The election of Barack Obama to U.S.

President has been seen as an African American victory of the greatest proportions. That a black man could achieve that office was unthinkable even in the recent past, and Obama’s presidency continues to be viewed by the media and public as a symbolic end to the limits.

President-elect Obama will have to make important - and difficult - decisions about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, decisions that will affect the more thanmilitary personnel stationed in. McCain vs. Obama Essay - The democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and the republican presidential nominee John McCain are both very well political speakers when it comes to the presidential election, but have certain issues that they differ on.

Essay on How Barack Obama has Impacted America Words | 5 Pages Barack Obama Barack Obama has impacted America in many ways since he was elected the 44th president on November 4th, The first African American president of the United States has taken the world by storm and done many great things for this country.

President elect obama essay
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